Heart of Giving

Heart of Giving

At our organization, we are proud to partner with Total Health Scan to offer specialized analysis services for individuals seeking insights into their cellular mineral levels. Our belief is that everyone, regardless of their health condition, should have access to accurate information about their intracellular mineral status, enabling them to make informed decisions for their well-being.
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Intercellular Mineral Testing, Trace Minerals & Heavy Metal Testing

Health Scan

Our Process

The scanner employs optical methods to quantitatively analyze trace elements in tissues by measuring the absorbance or optical density of a chemical substance. This method relies on the principle that every chemical compound interacts with light within a specific wavelength range. The concentration of the sample is proportional to the absorbed light, following Beer-Lambert’s law. Optical methods find applications in various fields, including chemistry, pharmacy, environment, food processing, biology, medical diagnostics, material engineering, and clinical analysis, particularly in examining blood or tissues for diagnostic purposes.

  • The energy absorption of minerals is analyzed by spectrophotometry.
  • Energy absorption of minerals is between 180 and 1000 nanometers.
  • The optical reading of the absorbed light by the spectrophotometer produces a numeric result.
  • These numbers are supported in algorithms and give a quantification of minerals (as biomarkers) in the tissue.
  • These quantitative numbers are reflective of the rate of minerals in the tissue of the patient.
  • These numbers do not relate in any way to the numbers that are traditionally used for measures of blood minerals.
  • The Scanner assesses bioavailability of minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals in living tissues.
  • Measurement is on the palm skin for direct tissue observation, avoiding fluid instability.
  • Unlike urine, hair, or blood tests, the Scanner provides real-time insights into muscle or venous blood.
  • Pain-free testing with immediate interpretation benefits patients.
  • Longitudinal follow-up supports homeostasis, the functional balance of cellular processes.
  • Spectrophotometry in the Scanner serves as an optical biopsy.

Rapid & Pain-Free

A quick evaluation of minerals and toxic metals in the palm of the hand.

Mineral Tissue & Heavy Metal Analysis

  • Screening of physiological imbalances helps control health
    issues, trace toxins & mineral deficiencies


  • Excess and Deficiencies

Toxic Metals

  • Risk of Poisoning

Oxidative Stress

  • Aging & Health Concerns
The Analysis
  • Oligoscan provides quick, precise, and pain-free analysis for instant measurements of minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress, and toxic metals, delivering real-time results.
Simple Use
  • The measurement is taken directly by a portable spectrometer connected to a computer
Certified Technology
  • The technology is based on spectroscopy
Rapid Results
  • Evaluation of trace minerals reserves, the level of oxidative stress and toxic metals

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