Heart of Giving

Heart of Giving


At our organization, we are proud to partner with Long Island Thermography to provide free scanning for kids on Long Island. We believe that early detection and prevention are key to maintaining good health, and that by providing free scanning services, we can help ensure that all children have access to the care they need.

Scanning Services

Our scanning services are designed to provide early detection and prevention of health issues in kids on Long Island, and include:

A non-invasive, painless imaging technique to detect abnormalities in breast tissue in girls and young women.

A non-invasive, painless imaging technique to detect abnormalities in the body in boys and girls.

A non-invasive, painless imaging technique to detect abnormalities in the mouth and jaw in kids of all ages.

Eligibility and Application Process

Our scanning services are open to all kids on Long Island, regardless of their ability to pay. The application process is simple and can be completed online or in person at our offices. We encourage all interested families to apply as soon as possible, as spaces are limited.

Impact Stories

We are proud of the impact our scanning services have had on the lives of kids who have received free scans. Here are some stories of children who have been helped by our programs


A 15-year-old girl, received a breast thermography scan and was able to detect a small lump that was later found to be benign. She was able to receive early treatment and avoid more serious health issues down the line.


 A 10-year-old boy, received a full-body thermography scan and was able to detect a heart condition that had gone undiagnosed. He was able to receive treatment and avoid serious health complications.


A 7-year-old girl, received a dental thermography scan and was able to detect early signs of tooth decay. She was able to receive treatment and maintain good oral health.

Be part of us

We invite you to join us in providing free scanning services to kids on Long Island. You can get involved by applying for our services, signing up to volunteer, or sharing our mission and programs with your friends and family. Together, we can ensure that all kids have access to the care they need to maintain good health and well-being.


Support groundbreaking research to help save lives

So many younger women are being diagnosed with breast cancer and are dying needlessly. It’s critical that research is undertaken in this area now to help save their lives.

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Caridad has provided over 2 million breast health resources to women in need.

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Patient navigation helps guide patients through and around barriers in the complex cancer care system to help ensure timely diagnosis, treatment, and support. This is also critical to survival and early detection, and the medical community in the U.S. is seeing huge successes through patient navigation programs. The Caridad Program is a proactive approach to helping patients overcome the barriers of cost, fear, and misinformation surrounding a disease and its prevention. By helping underserved women to navigate the healthcare system, navigators provide the vision that gives women hope.
Together with our outreach partners, we’re empowering women to take control of their health by educating them about their body and providing important breast cancer resources. Including In-person training sessions, Materials provided at events, Online training modules.
Our support group creates a safe space for healthy dialogue between patients & survivors. Caridad hosts a monthly support group where our support group facilitator works with cancer survivors during “caring and sharing” time to encourage healthy dialogue and education for everyone involved. Having the support of others is an important part of breast cancer survivorship. Research shows that taking part in support groups, where you both give and receive help, is an effective way to reduce the stress and anxiety that can come with a breast cancer diagnosis.


Helping women now through early detection, education, and support

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We’ll show you how. Checking your breasts is easy as TLC. ‘Know your normal’, so you can find any changes in your breasts as soon as they appear.


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Stories of Hope

“Being a survivor now, I realized I was not educated or aware about what breast cancer actually was and how it impacted and affected people.”

Rena Hart
Breast Cancer Survivor & Caridad Supporter

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