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At our organization, we are dedicated to helping special needs individuals and their families access the resources and support they need to thrive on Long Island. We believe that every individual has unique strengths and abilities, and that by providing the right kind of assistance, we can help special needs individuals live their best lives.


We offer a range of services to help special needs individuals and their families on Long Island, including:

  • Case Management: Assistance with navigating the healthcare system, accessing resources, and developing a comprehensive care plan.
  • Therapy Services: Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other therapies to support physical, emotional, and cognitive development.
  • Residential Services: Safe and supportive housing options for special needs individuals who need assistance with daily living activities.
  • Employment Services: Job coaching, vocational training, and other supports to help special needs individuals find and maintain meaningful employment.
  • Family Support Services: Counseling, support groups, and other resources to help families navigate the challenges of caring for a special needs individual.
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Volunteer Opportunities

We rely on the support of volunteers to deliver our services on Long Island. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Direct Service: Working one-on-one with special needs individuals in a therapy or employment setting on Long Island.
  • Event planning: Helping plan and execute fundraising events and other special events on Long Island.
  • Administrative support: Assisting with data entry, fundraising campaigns, and other administrative tasks on Long Island.

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Partnership Opportunities

 We welcome partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our commitment to helping special needs individuals and their families on Long Island. Partnership opportunities include:

  • Sponsoring a program or event, such as our annual fundraiser or family support group on Long Island.
  • Donating equipment or supplies to help us deliver high-quality services to our participants on Long Island.
  • Providing in-kind support, such as marketing or outreach assistance, to help us expand our reach and impact on Long Island.

Impact Stories

We are proud of the impact we have made on the lives of special needs individuals and their families on Long Island. Here are some stories of individuals who have been helped by our services:

  • Samantha, a young woman with autism, received job coaching and vocational training through our employment services program, and is now successfully employed in a job she loves on Long Island.
  • Michael, a young boy with cerebral palsy, received physical therapy services through our program, and is now able to walk independently on Long Island.
  • The Lopez family received case management services and family support services after their son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, and now feel more confident in navigating the healthcare system and accessing the resources they need on Long Island.

Be part of us

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of special needs individuals and their families on Long Island. You can get involved by making a donation, signing up to volunteer, or sharing our mission and programs with your friends and family. Together, we can provide the resources and support needed for special needs individuals to lead fulfilling lives on Long Island.